What is SecurePlay?

SecurePlay is a revolutionary platform which uses cutting edge blockchain technology to allow for accountability and transparency in Fantasy Sports.

SecurePlay provides complete transparency of Daily Fantasy sites, and customizable real time Smart Alerts to notify regulators if rules are broken or if any data is tampered with. 


"The More Transparency, The Better"

March 2016, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver On Daily Fantasy

Full Transparency Always

SecurePlay’s platform enables regulators to monitor:

  • Player account balances - ensure solvency
  • Event payouts and guarantees - ensure integrity of games
  • When information is accessed - full transparency of operations

What Does this Mean for Fantasy Sports?

At its core, blockchain technology ensures that Fantasy Sports data can never be tampered with, and provides auditors with a live stream of current and historic data. 

The ability to give ownership of these nodes to multiple third parties ensures that trust is verifiable at any time.





Complete Security

SecurePlay’s blockchain platform allows regulators to set rules and enforce them across all Fantasy Sites, auditors and related third parties operating within the regulator’s jurisdiction. If data is modified or when rules are broken by any party, regulators are immediately notified.



The Teams Behind SecurePlay

Victory Square Ventures

Victory Square Ventures creates, funds and successfully executes on kick-ass ideas. We believe great companies are built from experimentation of bold ideas. At our labs, entrepreneurs have access our education programs, mentorship and resources.

For more information visit: www.victorysquare.com


Blockchain Technology Ltd

BTL develops platforms built on blockchain, an innovative new technology that uses cryptography to securely and immutably record information. BTL offers businesses the opportunity to utilize the blockchain by creating easy to use and intuitive platforms. Our platforms will help your business become more efficient by working alongside existing legacy systems, and also open new opportunities to your business that have not previously been available.

For more information visit: www.blockchaintechltd.com


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