Transparent Real-Time Auditing for the Gaming Industry

Enabled by Cutting-Edge Blockchain Technology


The gaming industry demands trust and transparency

The gaming industry is always under scrutiny. From compliance with rules and regulations, to the trust between gamers and operators. Digitally aware millennials challenge the current transparency and trust their online experiences provide, and the gaming industry must evolve. SecurePlay is a revolutionary platform guaranteeing accountability and transparency for the gaming industry.


Enabled by cutting-edge Blockchain Technology, we provide transparent and cost effective solutions to protect the player and operator from fraud. The opportunity is given to the gamer, giving them the power to audit the operator. With real-time & historical data for a live audit trail 24/7/365 days a year, the “automated auditor” is able to verify compliance from both the operator and gamer. We guarantee trust through verifiable data that is propagated to multiple independent parties. Our cost-effective solution reduces the risk to operations and reputation.


industry numbers

More than $1.5 trillion dollars lost in fraud and corruption globally


High cost to audit and maintain compliance for regulators




How it works


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